E-learning website


For this group project, we develop a website that instructs everyone how to make Origami. The website is focused on both kids and adults who have an interest in Origami and are looking for something to complete and relax or even discover new things. Our target audience will be tremendously interested in this topic because Origami is fun, relaxing, and inexpensive. Further, Origami can help people improve their skills and expand the Origami community. My role in this successful project is as a designer, illustrator. In addition, I also do site branding for this website.

Team Roles

Amber Ho: Illustrator/ Graphic Designer

Hannah Tyssen: Videographer & Video Editor

Dang Hoang Tin Nguyen: Back End Developer

Dinh Tri Le: Front End Developer & UX/UI Designer

Lucas Coulange: Illustrator


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Procreate

Site link

Click here!
E-learning-website E-learning-website E-learning-website